UCLA Fall Protection, February 2019

Railing Ready for Installation

Group Training Session

Penthouse Roof at Ladder

Case Study: OSHA Compliant Roof Edge Railing, January 2019

Location: 270 De Neve Drive, Los Angeles, CA, UCLA Campus Housing, 8 stories

Problem Statement: There is mechanical equipment on the rooftop that is less than 15’ from the roof edge. OSHA mandates fall protection at these points on the roof.

Problem Resolution: NextGen Roof Solutions performed a site visit and determined that the best solution to satisfy OSHA and protect workers was to install the free-standing NextGen 3000® Railing System. The project consisted of 5 separate railings sections on 3 different roofs.  Four of the roofs were equipped with individual railing runs having 5’ returns at their terminations. The 5th roof was on the mechanical room penthouse and was completely enclosed by railing. Due to its engineered, light-weight design, the bases and railing panels were transported to the roofs by hand. No crane or lift was needed.  UCLA requested that this project act as an installation training session for 8 of its mechanic staff. The training and complete railing installation lasted about half a day.

Installation Performed by UCLA Mechanics : Installation supervised by Hal Swindell of NextGen Roof Solutions. Jim Schepps, Operations Manage for UCLA was present.

About Us: For 20 years we’ve been manufacturing state of the art, OSHA Compliant safety products including railings, skylight screens, hatch railings and ladder safety devices. All products are made in the USA. We offer a Turn-Key Service which includes a site visit, safety assessment, solution design, product delivery and installation. Couple that with our guaranteed lowest prices to ensure peace-of-mind for you.

Next Steps: Call our experts today at NextGen Roof Solutions at (877) 723-3766 to discuss your specific needs. We’ll review and assess your safety concerns, design a customized solution for your facility and determine if our Turn-Key Service is right for you.

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