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The TranzVolt, similar to the original TranzSporter, uses an electric motor which is powered by re-chargeable batteries. It enables you to haul shingles and other materials to the roof top safely and easily. The TranzVolt has a brushless motor, an electromagnetic brake, and a lithium ion battery pack. It saves time in setup and operation, enabling contractors to lift more materials per day.

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Product Description


  • Easy to assemble – Tool Free setup

  • Non-slip deck

  • 3 – 8ft. tall ladder sections

  • Lifts 6000 square feet of shingles on 1 charge

  • Self-charging battery system

  • Deck speed 20 feet in under 10 seconds

  • Wireless remote control vs. Foot pedal control

  • Maintenance free – no belts, no oil

  • Dual mode braking system


  • 20-Volt rechargeable batteries (like cordless drill)

  • Heavy duty steel frame

  • Aluminum base track

  • Aluminum ladder sections