Crossovers, Stairways and Platforms

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Crossovers, Stairways and Platforms are used on roofs or inside your facilities. They can traverse over roof mounted piping, conduits and create access to elevated platforms. Stairways and Crossovers can be permanently mounted or equipped with rolling casters. Crossovers, Stairways and Platforms can be installed as free-standing or floor-mounted.

They’re shipped in component parts and are easy to assemble on-site. No welding or custom fabrication is required. Shop drawings are supplied to facilitate installation. NextGen Roof Solutions will provide Turn-Key installation upon request.

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Product Description


  • OSHA compliant design

  • Custom designs

  • Non-Penetrating option

  • Easy to assemble components

  • Shop drawings provided


  • Steel or aluminum framework

  • Galvanized steel, powder coated or anodized aluminum finishes

  • Stainless steel or zinc plated fasteners