About us


NextGen Roof Solutions®, LLC is a company driven to develop exciting new safety products and designs for Roofing Industries, Institutional Facilities and Manufacturing Plants. Through expert Engineering, “Made in America” Manufacturing and our nationwide Sales team, we provide safety solutions to improve productivity and ensure peace of mind.

Chuck McKarvich – Manufacturing

Chuck is the owner of Tie Down Engineering which has several manufacturing plants in Atlanta, GA. Tie Down produces all the NextGen products. His state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment assures that top quality products are made at the lowest prices. In addition to NextGen, Chuck is an industry leader in metal manufacturing and owns over 65 patents.

Jan Vanning – Sales

Jan has been selling Roof Safety products since 1999. At NextGen, he is responsible for Sales, Customer Interaction and Business Management. He also performs site visits to provide expert installation advice and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Hal Swindell – Engineering

Hal is a successful inventor of many Roof-Safety products including the renowned KeeHatch Railing System. At NextGen, he is responsible for Product Design & Development, Engineering and Sales. He also performs site visits to provide expert installation advice and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Jeff Engelhardt – Marketing

Jeff has been in the Technology and Finance Industry for most of his career. He is experienced in Management, Product Development and Communications. At NextGen, he is responsible for the Marketing program, which includes Website Development, e-Commerce, Social Media, Behavioral Marketing, Point-of-Purchase products and Communications. He is also involved in Customer Service and Sales Support.

Chad Vanning – Customer Service, Administration

Chad has been in the Roof-Safety business since 2008. At NextGen. he serves our customers by providing timely estimates and processing orders promptly and accurately. Chad also performs site visits and provides expert installation advice to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Markus Zanders – Customer Service

Markus has been in the Roof Safety business since 2013. At NextGen, he is front line customer service. He answers your calls and directs you to the right person at NextGen Roof Solutions. Markus will ensure your RoofUmbrella orders are processed promptly and accurately.

Evan Detweiler – Customer Service

At NextGen, Evan will be performing many roles including Customer Service, Social Media and Communications.